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The choice of decorative table lamps

1. the first thing to note when choosing a table lamp that will produce glare and reflection. Glare-prone to sore eyes or headaches and discomfort, it becomes very difficult to work and study.
2. in order to make the most of light projected onto the desktop, writing desk lamp installation location of the light source is usually horizontal or downward. Lamp shade is better, when in a normal sitting position, then, when horizontal direction for the eyes, is no shade in sight and the light on the inside wall. Irradiation of 250lx within the work area, minimum illumination ≥ 120lx. Illumination should be uniform, not particularly bright or dark spots.
3. flashing lights vision very much. In order to avoid this, you should select a lamp with a high-frequency electronic ballasts, this type of lamp and will not easily let a person feel flicker, less harmful to eyesight.
4. angle adjustable table lamp has a very high availability, purchase lamp Note If it has this feature.
5. it is also designed to estimate the lamp's Reflector, light distribution effect is good, the light can be evenly distributed to the desktop, whether the material can cause strong reflections.
6. in terms of light bulbs, white is best for your eyesight, so try to choose a uniform soft white incandescent lamps or frosted lamps, do not choose the color bulbs.
The number to the right of the bulb. If the number is too low the light was too Dim, can cause visual fatigue and even lead to myopia. If the bulbs are too high light intensity, light through the paper reflected the eye will produce glare, bad for the eyes and head. In General, the 25W-45W bulb is most suitable.