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Door Handle Can Make The Door More Convenient

Door handle installation height is generally between 80-100cm, here refers to the door, and the door handle from the ground height is generally 110cm. Of course, some anti-theft door handle height may be 113cm, but this is only a general height. Every family members of the family members of different height, open door habits are different, so the door handle should be set specifically how much specific or should be specific to consider.

Door handle height design:

1, first to determine what position to open the door the most appropriate. Generally should be the forearm level when the most comfortable, because at this time the forearm and wrist only by the tension, no bending of the additional force, from the mechanics is the most economical, that is, the appropriate height of the door handle should be elbow Height of the joint.

2, the next step to determine the height of the elbow set how much. Because the door is not tailor-made for a person, so to determine the principle of this height is to make as much as possible with the comfortable people, then see the height of the elbow height distribution density, and should choose the largest distribution density. The general election 50 percentile can be, because the body size is roughly normal distribution. (Note that if the door frame design will choose the largest percentage, because the door frame only the minimum limit, and no optimal value)

3, and then check the information to find the 50 percentile elbow size value. If the design of the Chinese door, to find the percentage of all the people of China size, men and women should be considered. If the family is very simple for the family, as long as the height of the family members can be considered, if the family members generally higher recommended door handle height is higher than 110cm.

4, consider the additional height of the shoe. In the door handle height design also includes the size of the shoe, and men and women's shoes attached to the height of the average is not the same, these must be carefully considered.