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Door Handle Feel Better, The Higher The Finish

Door handle as part of the door, is the most can not be ignored in each building. People in the room and the most contact is the door handle, so its style, performance, material, price and other factors have also been widespread market attention. So, in today's market, what materials are the door penetration rate higher, more popular with it?

Choose to buy the door handle must not forget the health problem. For example, the bathroom is very suitable for the installation of copper door handle. The reason is that the stainless steel door handle surface sodium sulfonate just looks very clean, but in fact it will produce thousands of various types of harmful bacteria, specifically the Gram-bacteria, Escherichia coli and Streptococcus and so on.

Brass door handle above the bacteria actually control the stainless steel door handle will be much smaller, because the copper has the function of reducing bacteria. So personally feel that everyone in the room inside as much as possible to install brass door handle, which the family's physical and mental health will be particularly important.

Door handle is an indispensable thing in home decoration, seemingly humble a thing, but the role is also very large. See the door on the market style and diverse, the price difference between the poor, then what kind of door handle is better quality? We have to understand the door handle the purchase method, or will buy a bad door handle, if you do not know how to buy, to see Xiaobian here for everyone to recommend the door handle the purchase method, this article Collected on the market now a variety of Door handle the purchase method, the following immediately see it:

First, how to buy the door handle

There are two main reasons for the price gap;

1, brand.

Credibility is the basis of the brand, the quality is the guarantee of credibility. , The quality of brand-name products must be better. Now most of the Door handle in the market more imports, high-grade brand Door handle are imported modified. There are good Bo, Haifu Le, DUKE and other brands, various models of models of the door handle, the price between 30-600 yuan, of course, if the high-end door handle also has a few thousand dollars or even million, that kind of Is a high-end luxury, ordinary family as long as the purchase of some tens of dollars or so on it.

2, shape.

Door handle shape is also very important, in general, the bar door handle than the expensive; the other hand, feel better, the higher the finish, the higher the price. There is also a shape is very particular about the shape of the door handle, known as the "shaped" door handle, this door handle like some African poisonous spiders, African lizards, or want to jump gantry carp, these unique shapes can be called you Home door handle. Shaped door handle can be customized with the manufacturers.

Second, the purchase of Door handle have to adapt to local conditions

Everyone wants to choose a good door handle for their home, but a suitable door handle to local conditions. Households must be strong, insurance, the National Quality Supervision Bureau certification, and the door handle the aesthetics and convenience is also very important. Such as the bedroom door is not normally off, you can choose some of the quality of a little bit almost the number of switches in the 100,000 or so almost, if the bathroom door locks, you can change the frequency of some, about 200,000 times. In addition, the door handle can not ignore the health factor, such as the bathroom door handle fitted with copper handle. The use of stainless steel, although clean, but will breed more bacteria, so the best choice for copper door handle. Brass door handle on the bacteria than the stainless steel door handle is much less, because the role of copper to eliminate bacteria. So it is recommended that you at home in the bathroom best equipped with brass door handle, healthy.