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Furniture & Bathroom Accessories Practical And Practical Function

Furniture & Bathroom Accessories which have a lot of Furniture & Bathroom Accessories, but probably including the mirror, toothbrush cup, tooth cup holder, soap table, towel bar, towel rack, hook hook, paper tube holder, hanging hook, toilet brush box, Water and so on.

A soapy, soapy container. Separate the soap block from the falling water droplets and avoid soaking the hand soap.

Soap net: sucker soap rack, so that the soap has a fixed placement, storage more neat appearance, quick and easy, super load.

Mouthwash cup holder: independent toothbrush to prevent cross-infection, the use of wall-mounted, do not occupy the table space.

Towel rack: hanging towel, can also be used for beautiful. And some are heating, drying, disinfection, inhibition of bacterial growth and other functions.

Towel ring: is used to set the towel home, generally its shape for the ring or semicircle, practical and practical function.

Towel racks: foldable, can be used for sterile towels, usually installed in the bathroom walls, used to place clothing, towels, etc.

Clothes: is used to hang clothes in a place of things, bent into the curve or corner.

A tissue or rack that holds or holds paper or origami.

Shelf: the use of floor and pillar combination of debris from the shelves, unique shape, design dexterity.

1, bathroom wet and dry separation shower area to install the shower door or hang the shower curtain, the washbasin, toilet and bath separated into a dry, wet two areas, can make the family health, but also enhance the home!

2, bathroom window bathroom is best to have windows, and at any time open, feng shui on the health of the family plus points.

3, tiles and bathtubs have a slippery role in the bathroom tiles used in the material must have the role of slippery, especially in the face of bathing milk, soapy water to be more slippery.

4, at any time the bath, the toilet door to close the toilet door must be close, otherwise it will be in exchange for the whole house of moisture, dirt, of course, the whole family will be getting worse luck.

5, the toilet when you do not have to cover the toilet at any time when not in use to cover the toilet cover at any time to avoid the negative energy to the front of the home energy suck.

6, the bathroom placed objects placed in the bathroom can increase the number of positive energy objects, such as candles, thick bath towels, small carpets, etc., can balance the bathroom yin and yang energy.