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Lamp Create A Warm Atmosphere Of The Atmosphere

For every room, the interior Lamps are an indispensable part, it gives us the Lamp, but also make our room more warm, and most of the time we are dealing with the Lamps, of course, The world brings colorful colors at the same time, but also to the environment to bring Lamp pollution, so that your eyes become increasingly blurred, so in the home, we should pay special attention to Lamping arrangements, then how to arrange the indoor Lamp better? Here with Xiaobian to see it, I hope to provide some help to your decoration.

How the interior Lamps are arranged better

First, to avoid Lamp pollution

In the room dress, many people tend to use Lamps to decorate, and some designers also like to use color Lamps or Lamps to decorate the ceiling, although these programs are novel, but in fact very detrimental to eye health, but also cause Lamp pollution, Long live in such an environment, will cause vision loss, and produce dizziness, insomnia, palpitations and other symptoms.

Second, choose the right Lamping

For the use of the lamp in the room, be sure to use the appropriate style, in particular, should avoid the use of inductive ballast Lamp, or long life in such a Lamp environment, the human eye fatigue, resulting in myopia, The use of Lamp under the Lamp of the computer, this kind of Lamp strobe and brain screen frame flashing overlap, the formation of Lamp resonance, the greater damage to the human visual system.

Third, to avoid or reduce the interference of glare

Some people think that when reading, the stronger the better Lamp, in fact, this is a cognitive error, but should try to use soft Lamp, if the brightness of the lamp than the indoor environment is much higher brightness, people will feel Glare, not only will produce uncomfortable, while serious damage to visual function.

Indoor Lamps with what skills?

First, the living room Lamping main and auxiliary interaction with

As the largest area of activity in the room, it is necessary to build a warm atmosphere, so in the selection of Lamps, pay attention to a lot, in general, should choose the traditional dome or dome Lamp, and then with some auxiliary Lamping with each other, and By adjusting the brightness and bright spots, add the mood of the room, but must maintain the overall style of coherence.

Second, the restaurant Lamping emphasis on soft colors

As people eat the area, the Lamp of the match not only to soft, but also to stimulate people's appetite, so the dining area of the Lamping requirements of soft, quiet, and have enough brightness, and the surrounding tables and chairs should match, Constitute a visual beauty, and in the restaurant decoration, the best use of hanging to highLamp the table, and warm colors to create a warm dining atmosphere.

Third, the bedroom Lamping pay attention to warm

As a private place, in this range can be arbitrary, the layout should be warm, comfortable theme to build, in the Lamp of the layout must not have a sense of depression, the main Lamp and the entire bedroom style consistent, the Lamp to avoid too strong or too white , In the top of the bed can also be set down Lamp or wall lamp, in order to read and live.