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Living Room Decoration Lamp Shopping And Decorating Tips

In our daily life, all kinds of lamps is essential now, lamp types is also very much, now many people will install in the home living room decoration lamp, living room decorating lamp on the market very much, so a lot of people don't know how to buy, today small series to introduce you to the living room decoration lamp purchasing and decorating tips.
Decorative table lamp-living room decoration living room lamps to buy
The entire living room lighting design, lighting matching profile reflects the living room as possible, layered, sense of space, highlights the beauty furniture of the icing color. These effects through lighting, light sources and lamp types to achieve. Avoid light exposure lamps, because this type of lamp is easy to produce glare, people eye discomfort. Use floor lamps required consideration the height of the ceiling, if the ceiling is too low, can make one feel the light too bright is not soft enough. Floor lamps for reading, the activities to be focused, indirect lighting, interact may match a different light. Lamp structure as simple as possible, easy installation, easy handling and for daily cleaning and maintenance. Select 2700K-4300K warm light lamps, cause the House to feel the warmth of the atmosphere, highlighting the family warm effect.c