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Living Room Decoration Table Lamp Light

Decorative table lamp note use the living room space brightness up or down should be uniform, if the space below the ceiling and the brightness difference is too large, will make the living room look dark, makes people uncomfortable. Floor height of less than 2.6 m bedroom should not be decorated in ornate long living room lamp, easy there is heavy and oppressive feeling, as if the space has become crowded. In addition, when you select a main light, if you pick the shades up, light to the ceiling, and reflection of light can make a person feel softer light.
Decorative table lamp installed in the living room at home can not only play a role in lighting, and will achieve very good decorative effect, can make a friend in need to teach you methods to buy designs decorating the living room lamp, decorative table lamp is also better believe the living room decorating our homes, make our home more beautiful.