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Shoes Shelf Simple And Beautiful Admission

The family is often a messy, especially people and more children and more families, often the door has a pile of heyday shoes, today to give you strongly recommend home shoes admission method.

This tutorial is very simple and practical, handmade Shoes Shelf material is only carton board, glue, utility knife and tape, but the final storage effect is very amazing, such as the finished product chart.

The whole shoe frame consists of the same triangular prism of the same size. The size of the triangular prism depends on the size of the shoe. The largest shoe in the demonstration is 7 yards. Therefore, the length of the triangular prism is 7 inches, about 18 cm, Inch, about 60 cm. You can adjust these sizes according to your situation.

1, cut a piece of carton board, according to the size of the carton board length of 18x60cm, and three equal points, so that it can constitute a triangular prism. First in the triangular side of the opening with a tape stick in half of the position

2, and then the other half of the tape stick to the other side of the cardboard, the edge wrapped up. We envision this side as an outward opening of the triangular prism, so the wrapping can protect it. The cardboard is folded into a triangular prism, and the opening is fixed with tape.

3, the middle of the three prism is also fixed with tape, so that we have the first module.

4, I want the Shoes Shelf has three layers, respectively, 4,5,4 triangular prism module, so the need to produce 13 the same size of the triangular prism. The three prisms required for each layer are glued side by side with a tape or glue on a suitably sized carton plate.

5, and then each layer from bottom to top can be stacked together, sticky tape with the opening more beautiful. Above and then covered with a carton board, you can put some size comparison "not gregarious" shoes. Look, simple and beautiful admission, even if it is on the aisle will not look awkward.

This looks very interesting nail on the wall of the Shoes Shelf can help you clean up the floor throwing shoes, whether it is folder drag or sneakers, can be easily hanging on top, of course, shoes can also, boots estimated It becomes a problem ...

Compared to the general Shoes Shelf and shoe, this Footprint decoration is undoubtedly a great advantage, when the shoes take down, it is completely a three-dimensional abstract decorations.

This shoe is different from the ordinary, a bit like a big toothbrush. Kazakhstan. Put shoes, you just kick the shoes on the line on the line.

This shoe is the idea of a very different kind of Oh, but unfortunately used to array is not good-looking.

Put the shoes in such a drum inside, this idea is indeed great! Not only save space, but also very convenient. Especially for those who have a lot of shoes, ladies, only need to gently turn the drum, you can easily find with their own clothes with the shoes, eliminating the rummaging of the frustration.