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Toilet Paper Holder Can Effectively Use The Use Of Space

Many people in the bathroom decoration, will refer to a large number of decoration renderings, may learn from the advantages of family and friends decoration, and then according to their own needs, choose their own, their own personalized bathroom products. What kind of bathroom boutique and details, it is recommended, or can impress your heart?

Everyone used to in the toilet when the fun mobile phone. At this time you need to have a space to place the phone. Put the phone Toilet Paper Holder, so that with the upper and lower layers, you can effectively use the use of space. The upper edge of the curvature of the parcel design, can easily take care of the smooth plane. The lower level can be placed toilet paper, cross bar design anti-slip.

In this era of entertainment, everywhere requires the spirit of entertainment, everywhere requires creativity. Even the toilet paper frame are crazy, and use any Toilet Paper Holder, your bathroom are more interesting, Funny, relaxed atmosphere. Usually so lively and funny shelves, but also allow children to give full play to imagination, but also to the friends left a deep impression.

Weightlifting villain, expression box, soldiers skull metal frame, lovely animal rack, the camera Kacha came Zhang paper, etc. design, will make you feel unusual, shine.

Paper towel rack in accordance with the use of different locations, divided into two kinds of table paper and wall paper racks, table paper racks for office space, restaurant dining table and other locations; wall-shaped paper rack, used for the bathroom, prepared rooms, The

The earliest barrels of cartons, slowly evolved into large rolls of paper towels, folding towels. Style gradually turned to modern innovation ultra-luxury business quality design, leading the European charm, noble and elegant, decorated art fashion when the wonderful

Toilet Paper Holder can make full use of warehouse space, improve storage capacity utilization, expand storage capacity. The goods stored in the shelves can reduce the squeeze, reduce the material loss is small, reduce the loss of goods. The existence of goods in the shelves, easy to inventory and measurement, can be free access. Can be more effective to take moisture, dust, security, anti-sabotage and other measures to improve the quality of storage of goods. Toilet Paper Holder in the modern logistics activities, plays a very important role. Many new type of shelf structure, function is conducive to the realization of the warehouse mechanization and automation management.

The materials used are stainless steel, carbon steel and so on. The main frame is generally made of angle steel, the surface treatment is paint / paint / galvanized; mesh with 2-12MM wire production, surface treatment of electroplating color zinc, spray, also known as plastic package, used to prevent product scratches to take Of a surface treatment.