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Toilet Paper Holder For Regular Maintenance

In this era of entertainment, everywhere requires the spirit of entertainment, everywhere requires creativity. Even the toilet paper frame are crazy, with any one toilet paper rack, your bathroom are more interesting, Funny, relaxed atmosphere. Usually so lively and funny shelves, but also allow children to give full play to imagination, but also to the friends left a deep impression.

Weightlifting villain, expression box, soldiers skull metal frame, lovely animal rack, the camera Kacha to Zhang paper, etc. design, will make you feel unusual, shine. So creative toilet paper frame, fast pull down Chou Chou, maybe your home there is a!

What is the towel rack?

Tissue is made of plastic or metal material shell, built-in or hold roll paper or origami containers. Home, hotel, bathroom, bathroom, public places, entertainment and other private and public places. The earliest barrels of cartons, slowly evolved into large rolls of tissue boxes, folding towels. Style gradually turned to modern innovation ultra-luxury business quality design, leading the European charm, noble and elegant, decorated art fashion when wonderful.

How to clean the paper towel frame? May wish to refer to the following:

First, use water to clean the paper towel rack. You can use a special tissue care cloth or cotton cloth to wipe the water on the pendant.

Second, you can use a soapy or toothpaste moisturizing cloth gently wipe the surface of the pendant, and then washed with water, you can also use a mild liquid detergent or colorless glass cleaner gently wipe, then washed with water The Remember not to wipe the pendant with a corrosive acid-base solution.

Third, to avoid hard objects scratch the surface of the product, do not use rough cloth wipe, it is recommended to use Faber bathroom special maintenance rag for cleaning.

Fourth, pay attention to keep the paper towel rack dry. Remember that after each cleaning,Toilet Paper Holder  you must immediately remove all the cleaning agent with water and pants with special care cloth (or cotton cloth) wipe dry, or may appear in the pendant surface water stains.

On the maintenance of paper towel rack knowledge, probably have the following 3 points:

First, the use of paper towel rack to carry out regular maintenance, the cycle is generally three months, you can use a strong decontamination ability of wax oil, painted on a clean cotton, the pendant to thoroughly clean, so you can extend it Of the service life.

Second, to keep the pendant look bright and clean, to regular cleaning, timely cleaning can make the pendant as long as new, not with organic solvents and corrosive chemicals contact, such as bleach, vinegar, etc., and in the above substances Of the gas used in the environment to avoid damage to the surface coating finish, will cause the pendant lust.

Third, to keep the bathroom air open,Toilet Paper Holder  to develop a good habit of opening the door window, dry and wet separation is the best way to maintain the pendant. For the newly renovated home, you can paint a layer of oil on the pendant, so it is less rusty. Often with soft and cotton yarn woven into the cloth and clean water to protect the pendant bright luster.