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Toilet Paper Holder Unusual, Shine

In this era of entertainment, everywhere requires the spirit of entertainment, everywhere requires creativity. Even the toilet paper frame are crazy, with any one Toilet Paper Holder, your bathroom are more interesting, Funny, relaxed atmosphere. Usually so lively and funny shelves, but also allow children to give full play to imagination, but also to the friends left a deep impression.

Weightlifting villain, expression box, soldiers skull metal frame, lovely animal rack, the camera Kacha to Zhang paper, etc. design, will make you feel unusual, shine. So creative toilet paper frame, fast pull down Chou Chou, maybe your home there is a!

How to choose the paper towel rack? The following describes the vertical paper towel rack and hanging paper towel rack two kinds of paper towel rack, according to their respective characteristics to choose their own needs that section.

1, vertical towel rack. The invention is characterized in that one end of the cylindrical shaft is fixed on the bottom of the paper towel frame and the other end is arranged on the other side of the paper towel frame, Of the paper towel frame is connected with the cover of the paper towel frame and a paper towel press mechanism is provided beside the cover of the paper towel frame. The use of the utility model of the vertical paper towel rack, making the tissue rack can be placed in a variety of places, and no need to install on the wall,Toilet Paper Holder increasing the use of its range, while the installation of paper towel tube convenient, Need to hold the paper towel top cover and the side of the clamping mechanism, do not have the hand directly on the roll of the paper towel, easy and hygienic, to avoid cooking or doing other work will be the hands of contaminants into the reel On the paper towel, to bring people to use the convenience and health.

2, horizontal hanging paper towel rack.

When using a trailed paper towel rack, you should first open the iron hanger (not pure plastic), make it into a straight line. And then the kitchen tube of the round tube to take a good amount of length (to be slightly more than the center tube), the racks on both sides of the vertical up. The current hanger for the U-shaped, the U-shaped fold for the font (to pay attention to stay out),Toilet Paper Holder the mouth of the internal shape of the kitchen is just the height of the paper towels. The last point, to be replaced as long as the part of the hanging ear can be replaced.