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Towel Rack Longest Service Life

Introduction and Function of Towel Rack

First, the introduction of towel rack

Towel rack, is known to be used to hang towels shelf, its material generally has the following materials: copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy and aluminum material. General copper, zinc alloy and aluminum towel rack outer layer to be plated, the plating effect is good, with the care, but also very practical. But a lot of electroplating manufacturers in the electroplating layer cut corners. Not the plating process is less that the layer is very thin, so, it is easy to fall off. Like a copper material towel rack than the stainless steel material more expensive, but still to plating, if the protection is not good, will give birth to green rust, resulting in unsightly.

As the market demand for personalized increase in the current towel rack style more and more diversified in the color also appeared a lot of technology. Golden space aluminum and gold full of copper towel rack I believe we have seen, as well as antique, old, drawing, paint and other technology. As mentioned earlier, the current price of aluminum is the highest, in general, the longest life of aluminum, especially in a surface of the aluminum foil towel craft space is the most durable, the paint process is similar to the current private Car surface of the same paint, with a strong protective effect, and make the product surface smooth, easy to stick to dirty things, easy to care.

Towel rack structure is also a variety of styles, such as:

1, single layer, multi-layer;

2, one pole, multi-pole;

3, one end closed, both ends closed;

4, spacing fixed, active;

5, screw fixed, sucker, screw fixed sucker can be installed;

6, hook type.

Second, the role of towel rack

The main role of towel rack is to hang towels, in addition to a beautiful effect. Some towel racks are also heating, drying, disinfection, inhibition of bacterial growth and other functions.

Towel rack of the purchase skills

First, look at the quality first

In the towel racks of many materials, the quality of the whole, the copper towel rack best, followed by aluminum towel rack; again stainless steel towel rack, and finally the zinc alloy towel rack. The specific choice of the quality of the towel rack can be based on individual economic conditions and grades to consider.

Second, you can see moisture function

Towel rack long-term in a humid environment, it is easy to rust, therefore, with moisture-proof towel rack came into being, so we can choose according to the moisture resistance, fully consider the towel hanging material, determine the moisture of the towel rack and Anti-corrosion function, thus making a choice.

Such as: alumina towel rack pure aluminum products hardness is poor, and will be black, but after oxidation of alumina products, hardness has been greatly improved, it will not be black, good wear resistance, alumina products Not rusty. Another example is the low-grade stainless steel towel rack is not rusty, the higher the chromium content of stainless steel is not easy to rust, 304 stainless steel containing 16% chromium, good stability, corrosion resistance, even if the long-term placed in the wet The environment will not rust.

Third, look at the smoothness of the towel rack

Third, before installation, you can use one hand to squeeze the towel hanging end of the rod, the other hand from one to the other wiped it again, the quality will touch the small burr, and even peeling off the paint. These ills, by the naked eye is difficult to find. Also pay attention to the shelf base of the plating and coating quality. Both the angle of view and the incident light were about 70 ° relative to be relatively easy to detect whether the defect.

Towel rack cleaning and maintenance

Towel rack is now life is very important bathroom hardware products, towel rack in accordance with its material is divided into four categories: stainless steel towel rack, copper chrome towel rack, zinc alloy towel rack, aluminum towel rack. But because the bathroom environment is very wet, towel rack in the daily use of the process if not done clean and maintenance is very easy to rust.

Therefore, the daily cleaning and maintenance of the towel rack to prevent the main rust.

First of all, we come to understand the reasons for the rusty towel rack:

1, due to the daily use of the towel rack did not properly protect the coating, resulting in the coating was damaged, so that the towel rack metal and air and moisture direct contact, a long time there will be rusty situation.

2, in the use of the time did not twist the towel or towel rack on the residual moisture did not wipe, resulting in the scale left in the towel rack surface, prolonged contact will lead to the appearance of the towel rack spots like black spots, thus It will lead to rusty situation.

3, due to poor water quality, containing a lot of metal ions, and towel rack is the most likely to ignore the daily life of the health corner, there is no regular cleaning, it will lead to water molecules containing metal ions and air reaction, will lead to Towel rack rust.