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Towel Rack With A Stable Structure, Easy To Oxidation

Towel rack is a common bathroom accessories, and bathtubs, toilets and other bathroom parts compared to the price of towel rack is relatively cheap, did not cause too much attention to consumers, some consumers free to buy poor quality of the brand-name towel rack , To the future life of inconvenience, how to buy good quality towel rack? You can choose material, see the surface technology, weigh the weight and selection of accessories and other skills to determine the quality of towel rack quality.

1 material quality: good quality copper material

In fact, the towel rack material can be divided into four categories: stainless steel, copper, aluminum and zinc alloy materials, stainless steel towel rack is characterized by inadequate structure, low cost, copper towel rack with a stable structure, , Gloss and hardness are good features; aluminum towel rack, zinc alloy towel rack between the two, to distinguish the towel frame material, can be used sharp equipment in a cut, opened, the internal was White metal is zinc alloy material; the inside is golden yellow is the whole copper material; aluminum alloy texture is soft, easy to cut; stainless steel material is not easy to cut, identify the towel frame material, the business generally does not allow customers to cut in their surface , So as not to affect the sale of the product, this time, you can choose the base of the towel rack or towel bar to cut the inner wall, so that both the test results do not affect the appearance of the product.

2 to see the surface: electroplating treatment has to pay attention

It is reported that due to the bathroom environment is wet, the surface of the towel rack must be electroplating, there are mainly chrome, gold and brushed and other three kinds of plating, which is the most widely used chrome, before plating, The embryo is polished, the surface decontamination and other treatment, in order to ensure the stability of the plating layer adsorption, coating thickness is generally calculated in microns, by the human eye can not judge, but through the gloss and flatness to distinguish the merits of the product, buy Towel rack, can be in the light or light environment to observe the surface coating to determine its gloss; Moreover, the fingertips can be used to touch the towel frame surface, feel the smoothness and whether there are foreign objects raised, smooth, flat products Good quality.

3 weigh weight: not the heavier the better

Mention towel rack, no matter what kind of material towel rack, the rods are hollow, and some poor manufacturers, in order to deceive consumers in the hollow towel rack tube filled with cement and other items, increase the weight of the product, This is detrimental, the increase in weight is not conducive to the stability of the towel rack, easy to cause loosening of the screw, and even cause the towel rack as a whole off, consumers do not be towel rack when the weight of the purchase, so as to avoid small loss, , Can open the towel bar sealing, to observe the internal situation, the general closure of the towel bar closer, consumers can weigh by hand, estimated towel rack weight, if the towel rack feel more, and the price is relatively cheap, consumption To stay in mind.

4 pick accessories: the choice of stainless steel accessories

It is understood that the bathroom due to the large temperature and temperature difference, ordinary screws in this condition is easy to rust, towel rack should use stainless steel screws to achieve moisture and oxidation purposes, copper is a common towel rack base material, according to the use of Different materials can be divided into 59 copper (copper unit content is 59%) and 62 copper (copper unit content is 62%) two, such as the content of less than 59 copper, is not in line with national standards, welding is also consumption Easy to ignore a detail, the need to go through the polishing seam, otherwise the protruding weld seam not only affect the appearance, but also to the consumer in the use of inconvenience, the purchase, the consumer on the details of the problem do not fall lightly, Should observe the towel rack of the welding is polished, beware of business distribution of non-embroidered screws and other accessories, brand towel rack more attention to the quality of the small, it is recommended to buy brand towel rack, the light, the towel bar tilted, Can better observe the gloss of its surface plating layer, buy towel rack, you can open the towel bar seal, observe whether there is a filler inside, can be cut with scissors Towel bar to identify the inner wall of the material, a small picture shows the cut off the end of the golden brown, can determine its full copper material.