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Wall Lights How To Install-wall Light Installation Method

1, pay attention to the Wall lamp shade quality: when you buy wall lamps, we must first look at the quality of the lamp itself. Lampshades are often made of glass, but bracket is generally made of metal. Lampshade is mainly to see the light transmittance is appropriate, and surface pattern and color should concert with the overall style of the room. Corrosion resistance of the metal are good, the color and luster is bright and full of energy is important to check the quality target.
2, Wall lamp lighting: generally soft as well, is less than 60 watts. Also needs to be installed according to select different types of wall lamps, such as: small room with single Wall lamp, Wall lamp with double head room large, large space, you can choose the thickness of wall and vice versa, I'd choose thinner. Last note is the best choice of light bulb has a shield Wall lamp, this prevents ignition wallpapers, dangerous.
Wall lights-volume small light weight of, the installation process is relatively simple, as long as the fixed height, will be connected to the power source. But also note that during the installation process the Wall lamp mounting height of 1.8 meters taller than the video, there are Wall lamp lighting should not be too large, which will not only affect the line of sight, but it will also undermine the artistic appeal of wall light itself.
Wall lights installed not too difficult, but it also plays a decorative role, so the match selection is quite harsh. Wall lamp shades to choose the best according to the wall color to decide, if the walls are white or cream, then wall lights the best selection of the shade of light green, light blue; if the walls are green or blue of the Lake, wall light shade of the best selection of white, yellow, Brown, matching wall lights can be decorated to maximize results. Imagine, in a large area with the background color of the walls and shining wall of an eye catching but not dazzling, elegant fresh sense.