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Wall Lights Wall Lights How To Layout Layout Method

With people aesthetic consciousness constantly upgrade, in modern home life in the Wall lamp was increasingly more of using, believes everyone for Wall lamp must not strange, in living room decorative in the Wall lamp General appeared in TV wall surface, up to auxiliary lighting function, let whole space in Visual effect Shang is warm fashion, but TV Wall lamp height control is a is about of things, too high will effect brightness not conducive to concentrated, so TV Wall lamp height General is how many does? TV Wall lamp height is appropriate? Now, nine home network to talk about the next wall light arrangement, I hope can help you.

In the modern home decorating television Wall lamp height: 1.8-2.0 m, if the the living room belongs to high office, open space, TV Wall lamp height differences, but best not exceeding 2.2 metres in height. TV Wall lamp with a valid regulation of indoor, but plays a secondary lighting features, unique design styles of TV wall lights not only a local lighting effect also plays an important role throughout the Interior a warm atmosphere, adjustable TV Wall lamp TV light, which becomes softer, to protect vision.
 TV wall light with milky white glass shade in your materials. Bulb power in 15-40 w Zhijian, light soft, and warm comfortable, will whole indoor space dotted of elegant, and comfortable, and magnificent, with people aesthetic consciousness and process making level constantly upgrade, makes now market Shang TV Wall lamp style, and type, and material, and specifications, and brand, are difference is far, according to TV Wall lamp style type differences, makes TV Wall lamp installation height also has differences, General TV Wall lamp height in 1.8 meters around, can according to needs for appropriate adjustment.

TV background wall mounted on decorative lights add beauty to the walls, add charm to the home. Decorative lighting should not be too bright, too bright lights will undermine the whole feeling of home. Although the beautiful walls in light will be more appealing to the eye, to show the owner's personality. But for a long time can cause visual fatigue over time bad for your health. The backlight of the TV itself has has played a background role Plus program will light, the background lighting should be installed on the wall, not only waste resources but also hurt vision.