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Wall Shelf Modern Minimalist Decoration Style

Speaking of the Wall Shelf, is now deeply loved by the young owners of the home decoration. Wall Shelf can not only strengthen the vertical development of indoor space utilization. Can also help us more effective use of indoor space

The rational layout of the wall can also pull the entire room space layout

Production technology and materials are revealing fresh and natural temperament. The edge of the board is raised to prevent the items from slipping, but some items that are expected to be fully displayed are less suitable for being placed here.

This wall mounted on the bed, not only play the role of decoration, but also for modern simple decoration style, this wall can replace the role of bedside cabinet!

This hanging from the Umbra Shift Hitch Wall Shelf with a double system, each shelf can choose vertical or horizontal placement. Horizontal placement provides a more conventional form of objects, vertical placement conducive to display magazines, picture books and other books or items.

The user can flexibly install the partition according to their own preferences, the entire wall can also be according to their own needs or vertical installation, never tried the owners can coin into the pit.

Modular wall of the most popular reason is that you can add whatever you want, this wall is the reason, get rid of the designer's comfort, because in this inch you are the designer!

Each plate can slide around, so that you can customize the shape of the shelf according to the user's preferences, and can be placed by sliding the board to put some of the higher items can not fit.

This design gives the impression is the level of missing, but Xiaobian proposal, Virgo comrades do not buy, because even if bought back, you will not slide it, the results can be like this!

The wall is a combination of large and small circle type, very compelling, but uneven shape in the storage of objects will have many restrictions, but in the final analysis, the decorative effect of the wall is sometimes greater than the practical, Yan Value of this design are considered on the superior, do not harsh its practicality, after all, fish and bear's paw can not have both!

The wall system is also a modular design, folding and free combination. The difference is that this Wall Shelf is more artistic, and can be laser etching custom pattern.

Called the wall up the Wall wall system, the same modular design, the user can be a group of two groups through the combination of free layout of the wall, have to say, in front of the design whatever the outcome there is a base and the like, This design is the partition only, do not say.

The thickness of the shelf is only 3.4 cm, made of precision aluminum, outside with a layer of thin wood, looks like the same made of wood. After opening, you can see a 2.3 cm thick drawer. Very suitable for storing jewelry and documents and other valuables.

In addition to modular, folding and other activities, the flexibility will become one of the highlights. By a number of fixed shaft and a wrapped with a elastic band of the spool, put away like a reel, after the start,Wall Shelf the user can change the shelf according to their own needs, length.

The basic components of the current steel frame are mainly: wind-resistant trailer, anti-pillar, wall purlins, these three components can be used real-type components (H-beam, cold-formed C, Z-shaped steel) or grid Structural components (angle steel bridge, channel steel, other forms of frame) is different from other walls of the main material.