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Waterpipe Table Lamp Without Hurting The Child's Eyes

Many parents choose a Waterpipe Table Lamp for their children, with little consideration of the price. But does the eye care light really achieve the parents ' expected effect? How can I choose a suitable eye-protection luminaire?

Make eye Waterpipe Table Lamp not "dazzling"

Statistics show that the average Chinese young people use a 2-5-hour daily table Waterpipe Table Lamp ratio of up to 79%, in the child's life more than 10 years of learning career, and Waterpipe Table Lamp cumulative will have tens of thousands of hours of intimate contact. However, many parents and children do not know how to choose and correctly use the Waterpipe Table Lamp, the eye doctor reminded that the selection and use of inappropriate children's eyesight can be adversely affected.

Many children due to the lack of attention to eye hygiene, parents also do not understand the Waterpipe Table Lamp strobe will stimulate the child's eyes, causing the child's long-term stroboscopic stimulation, coupled with the lack of correct use of the common sense of the Waterpipe Table Lamp, will cause the child's eyesight decline.

It is understood that the current family of the common table Waterpipe Table Lamp are mainly divided into incandescent, fluorescent, high-frequency eye protection and other types of light. Since most of these Waterpipe Table Lamps use 220-volt, 50-Hertz AC power, the light will inevitably flicker frequently as the AC power changes periodically, often referred to as stroboscopic phenomena. Although this kind of strobe is imperceptible to the unaided eye, it is an objective existence, and it is difficult for ordinary people to grasp and understand. Eye experts say, the frequency flicker of the Waterpipe Table Lamp is easy to be overlooked, can correctly recognize and pay attention to avoid consumers is less.

Choose the Waterpipe Table Lamp can not be too bright, can not choose the pure white light Waterpipe Table Lamp, because the light is too bright will stimulate the child's eyes, affect the eyesight, should choose light yellow light Waterpipe Table Lamp, do not buy the blue and white light Waterpipe Table Lamp. According to scientific verification, blue and white light on the human eye has certain damage, and light yellow white lighting is suitable for reading and writing lighting.

"No flicker" is the most basic condition to choose fluorescent eye protection Waterpipe Table Lamp. Often flashing lights will stimulate the child's eyes, resulting in visual fatigue, long will affect the child's eyesight.

Color rendering is an important requirement for the selection of eye-protecting Waterpipe Table Lamps. If the color of the light is poor, the object is difficult to restore the original colors. Check the color of the most simple method is: The blood red to check the color of the Waterpipe Table Lamp, in the Waterpipe Table Lamp, the palm of the scarlet color is good, if not the color is not the colour. Color images can also be used for comparison.

In general, the power of the fluorescent Waterpipe Table Lamp between the 9w~18w can meet the reading and writing illumination of the desktop illuminance requirements. Lighting power should also be with the surrounding environment of the bright dark conditions, lighting and ambient brightness should not be too big difference. When the ambient brightness is low, the 9W fluorescent eye protector can be used, and the 18W fluorescent eye-protecting Waterpipe Table Lamp is sufficient in the environment with high brightness.